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First independent healthcare practitioners to provide SBG with data

While most facilities have been providing their ROM data to Stichting Benchmark GGZ (SBG) for many years, independent psychologists and psychiatrists only started doing so in 2016. As of 1 January 2017, the provision of ROM data to SBG has become a requirement under the terms of the quality statute. As a result of combined efforts within the mental healthcare field, more than 3,600(!) independent healthcare practitioners registered with the client portal in just four months.

The focus is on relieving the workload of independent healthcare practitioners

InfinitCare’s solution aims to relieve the workload of independent healthcare practitioners as much as possible while adhering to compliance due-diligence policies. Registration takes place digitally at the client portal. Independent healthcare practitioners receive online or telephone-based support where necessary. After registration, the ROM and EHR suppliers deliver the relevant, secured and pseudonymised data to SVR. InfinitCare’s SAM Healthcare Monitor application checks the data, connects the various data sets and transfers these in a pseudonymised state to SBG.

Providing the data remains the responsibility of independent healthcare practitioners

Although InfinitCare takes over a lot of work from independent healthcare practitioners, these retain primary responsibility for the provision of ROM data. This is why independent healthcare practitioners receive monthly reports on the provision of SVR, enabling them to implement any improvements in the supplier’s systems. After this, the adjusted data is again processed.

Cooperation between SVR and InfinitCare


Jack van Gils was involved in the early stages of the realisation of this project and is currently working as SVR’s a.i. Manager. Of this project, he says: “SVR’s goal is to create a supply chain for independent healthcare practitioners working in the field of mental healthcare to collect ROM benchmark data. In theory, this should be fairly simple, but implementation has proven to be a very complex matter. The entire process must meet high standards regarding safety, privacy and continuity. The approximately 4,000 independent healthcare practitioners are making use of almost forty different software suppliers.”

“To ensure that all parties are able to work together using a single infrastructure, we need the help of a supplier such as InfinitCare, who understands the complexity of this matter and provides the technical solution. During such intensive cooperation, you really get to know each other. We have confidence in InfinitCare, because they are highly motivated to deliver great results.”

Independent healthcare practitioners are now able to view their data in SBG’s BRaM application.

*) Stichting Vrijgevestigden ROMmen (Independent Healthcare Practitioners ROM Association) was founded by the LVVP (Dutch National Association of Independent Psychologists and Psychotherapists), the NIP (Dutch Psychologists Institute) and the NVvP (Dutch Psychiatry Institute).