Focus more on results and less on ‘how’ to achieve them!

Social Domain Fryslân (SDF), a partnership between all municipalities in the province of Friesland, has appointed InfinitCare as the Trusted Third Party (TTP) to collect results from healthcare providers. The Frisian municipalities do not want to focus too much on the process but rather on results, ensuring that every Frisian client receives the effective care they require.

Marijke Schilperoord, SDF’s project manager with responsibility for acquiring and transforming Youth Care, talks about the Frisian vision:

“We want to focus on the results, instead of looking at the ‘how’! Starting from 2018, this has been our strategy regarding Youth Care and Sheltered Housing. It is the task of Sociaal Domain Fryslân to purchase this care and support and to determine, together with all Frisian municipalities, what we want to achieve with it; transformation being the key word. This means, among other things, immediately setting up the right level of care and support, as close as possible to the client’s place of residence. The right level of care and support should prevent the need for more intense forms of care and support. It is important that we trust in the healthcare providers contracted and their method of choice. They can do what is necessary within the framework of a treatment trajectory or healthcare package. As Frisian municipalities, however, we do need to be updated on the effect of the care and support that has been provided. Take, for example, the goals that the healthcare provider has defined together with the client and the district and area teams. Have these goals been achieved? How did the client experience the quality of care? When clients drop out before their trajectory is completed, what are their reasons for doing so?

We want to receive information on the results achieved by our contracted healthcare providers (including 250 healthcare providers for Youth Care and Sheltered Housing). To measure these results, we use the following three indicators: Goal Achievement, Client Satisfaction and Drop-out Rate.”

InfinitCare as Trusted Third Party

“Social Domain Fryslân has awarded InfinitCare the contract to collect this information structurally from all healthcare providers contracted and to process this information in dashboards. Municipalities and healthcare providers can view their results in these dashboards. This provides healthcare providers with excellent information to process in their own quality cycle and provides municipalities with information for their meetings with the healthcare providers. When does something work or not work as it is supposed to? There is always a correlation between the type of care and support from the healthcare provider and the resulting outcomes. The collection process of such data must, as much as possible, be in line with the healthcare provider’s quality system to prevent any form of additional administrative burden. Together with a group of 25 healthcare providers, we are entering a pilot phase and setting up the entire system. All healthcare providers are to be registered by March 1st, 2019.

We are pleased that InfinitCare is supporting us in this process because they already have a great deal of experience in gathering ROM data from independent psychologists.”

Exchange of results facilitated by municipal portal

The InfinitCare Outcome portal is used by the Social Domain Fryslân for the secure exchange of results between municipalities and healthcare providers. The main objective is to minimise the administrative burden for both parties.


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