Municipality of Almere in conversation on quality with providers of child and youth care

gemeente Almere kwaliteit uitkomsten

Municipality of Almere focuses in on quality of child and youth care

InfinitCare is supporting the Municipality of Almere with the specification of treatment outcomes in child and youth care in Almere, making use of the Municipalities Portal.

Like many other municipalities, the Municipality of Almere is attempting to provide support to everyone who needs this, and to do so as far as possible within their own environment. The Municipality of Almere is seeking a balance in this between client satisfaction, the effect of the child and youth care provided and the affordability of child and youth care, both now and in the future.

Conversations about concrete issues and quality

“The Municipality has a lot of data, but not yet about quality information”, says Arend van Dijk, senior contract and supplier manager child and youth with the Municipality of Almere. “And this is exactly the information we need to give greater depth to our progress discussions with care providers. This means we don’t need to keep the conversation to volumes and finances, but we can also talk about concrete issues and quality. We believe this will enable us to contribute to a better care landscape in Almere.

The Municipality of Almere will collect information actively, based on the ‘national outcome indicators child and youth’, the indicators set used by the NJi (Netherlands Youth Institute). All care providers are supposed to collect this information for the CBS (Statistics Netherlands). The information the CBS makes available isn’t sufficient to provide the depth required in a discussion of quality.

For this reason, we are very happy with InfinitCare, which with its Municipalities Portal has developed a process and dashboard for good processing and prestation of the policy information child and youth by supplier. This processing is painstaking, and takes all privacy and information security aspects into account.

Benefits for the care provider

The administrative costs for care providers of this project are minimal, as they have to submit the same file to the CBS anyway. In addition, the dashboard can also be accessed by the provider of child and youth care. This means both organisations can access and analyse the quality information. We believe we will be able to enter into the first discussions in April 2021on the basis of the information collected.”

Want to find out more?

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About the Municipalities Portal

Gemeenteportaal informatiebeveiliging

The Municipalities Portal facilitates conversations about care results between the municipality and the care provider. These conversations are complicated enough already, which is why InfinitCare sets out the right information for you: drop-out rates among clients, client satisfaction and target achievement for the child and youth care offered. This enables municipalities to set result-oriented goals and steer according to these.

With the Municipalities Portal, municipalities have access to clear, focused reports, and are able to comply with Article 2.2 of the Youth Act. Child and youth care outcomes are based on the harmonised outcomes as established by the Netherlands Youth Institute (NJi) and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG).