Kitemark holders can add their own ROM data to mirror reports

Kitemark holders can add their own ROM data to mirror reports

Stichting KiBG is including insights from ROM data in its ‘mirror reports’. Holders of the Kitemark Basis GGZ kitemark can provide this data through the InfinitCare Portal.

Continuous improvement is essential for the concrete development of the Generalised Basis GGZ. For this reason, Stichting KiBG is creating mirror reports for kitemark holders that provide handles on learning and improvement – a significant element of the Kitemark Basis GGZ.

Stichting KiBG enters into concrete discussions on those aspects that stand out in order to build an ever-stronger Basis GGZ. This is not about conclusions set in stone, or judgments of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but above all about making concrete discussions possible on the basis of these insights. Adding insights based on ROM data to the mirror reporting is brings greater depth to these discussions. Discussions through which Stichting KiBG and its kitemark holders build towards an ever-better Basis GGZ.

Carrying out discussions around content and quality

“Reflecting, learning and improving are major themes within the Basis GGZ Kitemark, and are an integral part of all projects carried out by Stichting KiBG. By keeping ourselves and our kitemark holders sharp in relation to quality, we work together towards an ever-stronger, short-term generalised GGZ. The better the quality, the better people can be helped. To this end, we facilitate inspirational meetings between kitemark holders, and we enter into conversations with them on the basis of mirror reports”, says Annika van den Haak, Project Leader Insight at Stichting KiBG.

“At present, the mirror reporting is based only on figures for declarations. The context behind these figures is extremely important to the correct interpretation of the figures. By adding result measurements to our mirror reporting, it is possible to support the context and bring even greater depth to the discussion. In other words, the discussions come to life.

In InfinitCare, we have found the right partner to add this extra life to our mirror reporting. They are expert, and just life us work with enthusiasm and passion on quality improvement.”

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Over het InfinitCare Portaal

The InfinitCare Portal facilitates the secure exchange of data on care results between care providers and third parties. Suppliers and care providers provide this data. Like a spider at the heart of the web, InfinitCare enters, processes and checks this data and compiles files for third parties, such as Stichting KiBG. In this way, InfinitCare ensures quality discussion of care results on the basis of correct, reliable outcome data. This can be client experiences, but also treatment outcomes based on ROM measuring instruments. This data can be enriched with client and process characteristics.

InfinitCare acts as a Trusted Third Party (TTP), assuring parties of data that can be exchanged in a secure, correct manner. No personal data is provided to Stichting KiBG, and indirect tracing is made impossible by not sending files consisting of small numbers.