BSI – Brief Symptom Inventory

The Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) is a measuring instrument that evaluates psychological and/or physical disorders in adults. This inventory, which consists of 53 items covering nine symptom dimensions, is an abbreviated version of the SCL-90 instrument. These dimensions cover symptoms such as depression, physical complaints, cognitive issues and various forms of anxiety. The BSI is a self-report scale for patients.

The BSI has a relatively short completion time: it takes patients approximately 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire. According to several studies, the BSI has also demonstrated a high level of reliability. Because of these advantages, the test has become very popular in the United States, where it has largely replaced the SCL-90.

Using BSI scores to improve care

SAM Healthcare Monitor provides insight into the BSI grand total scores for your patient population. In addition, SAM Healthcare Monitor is able to directly represent the scores per symptom dimension visually at the start and completion of the trajectory. The treatment effect per dimension is expressed as both T-score and Reliable Change.

Measurement results can be specified by selecting, for example, diagnosis, case mix variables and treatment characteristics. This provides a clear overview of the treatment effects for the various patient groups.

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