CQ index – Consumer Quality Index

The Consumer Quality Index (CQ index) is a self-reporting scale for patients used to assess the quality of care from the patient’s point of view. The index delivers an overview of important issues to patients and provides insight into their experience of the care they have received.

How can hospitals and mental healthcare institutions use data collected through the CQ index?

Many hospitals and mental healthcare institutions have CQ index questionnaires filled in, but then hardly study the data. A pity, because these patient experience indicators contain a wealth of information that can be used to improve care. Sometimes, data measurement agencies are brought in. But these agencies often provide only the most basic information gathered from the questionnaires, without expanding on the context of treatment, diagnosis or patient characteristics.

Using patient experiences to improve medical care

What if you could always receive up-to-date insight into patient satisfaction levels by department, health care practitioner or even by medical treatment? That is the kind of information you need! InfinitCare’s SAM Healthcare Monitor application not only provides this valuable information, but also combines this with other relevant data on matters such as treatment, diagnosis and patient characteristics from your EHR.


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