HADS – Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale

The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) consists of a depression scale and an anxiety scale, each of which lists seven items. Completing the list does not require any training. Each item on the questionnaire is scored from 0-3 and relates to emotions felt during the past four weeks. This means that a person can score between 0 and 21 for either anxiety or depression.

Patients can complete the seven questions in a short time. Not only is HADS used for the treatment of adults or people coping with substance abuse, it is also often used in geriatric care.

Using HADS scores to improve care

SAM Healthcare Monitor provides insight into the HADS grand total scores for your patient population. The graph above shows the treatment effect in relation to the population. Measurement results can be further specified by selecting, for example, diagnosis, case mix variables and treatment characteristics. This provides a clear overview of the treatment effects for each of your patient groups.

Free demo

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