HoNOS – Health of the Nation Outcome Scales

The Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) are used to measure the mental and social functioning of a patient at any given time. The scales are completed by a trained care practitioner, not the patient.

The following three HoNOS versions are used to assess specific age groups:

  • HoNOS-12 (Working-age adults)
  • HoNOS-CA (Children and adolescents)
  • HoNOS-65+ (Older adults)

Care practitioners use HoNOS to assess a number of scales covering all areas of daily life (behavioural problems, cognitive problems, etc.). The development of this measuring instrument was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom and carried out by J.K. Wing, et al.

Assessment is easy due to the relatively short completion time. A trained care practitioner will be able to quickly complete the twelve questions this instrument contains.

Using HoNOS scores to improve care

Within the health care sector, a great deal of time is spent filling in health assessment questionnaires. But how often are you able to make good use of the resulting information? SAM Healthcare Monitor provides insight into the grand total scores for your patient population. In addition, SAM Healthcare Monitor is able to directly represent the scores per sub-scale visually. The graph above shows the results by sub-scale at the start and completion of the trajectory. This allows you to spot any underlying issues at a glance. The treatment effects of each dimension are expressed in T-score and Reliable Change.

Measurement results can be specified by selecting, for example, diagnosis, case mix variables and treatment characteristics. This provides a clear overview of the treatment effects for each of your patient groups.

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