Safe exchange of results between care providers and third parties

The InfinitCare Portal facilitates a safe exchange of data on care results between care providers and third parties. Like a spider at the heart of the web, this centrally enters, processes and checks data, after which files can be compiled for third parties such as Stichting KiBG.

Through the exchange of correct, reliable outcome data, InfinitCare creates the basis for a fruitful discussion of care results. These could include client experiences, as a well treatment outcomes based on ROM measuring instruments. This data can be enriched with client and process characteristics.

As InfinitCare acts as a Trusted Third Party (TTP), all parties involved are assured of a safe, correct data exchange method. No personal data is passed on to third parties in this process.

How does it work?

The InfinitCare Portal facilitates the entire processing chain:


Online registration and verification of the care suppliers

Approval of processing

Online approval of the processing agreement

Data processing

Data is entered, checked and linked to processes

Relaxing the burden on care providers

Relaxing the burden on suppliers through interfaces to relevant ICT suppliers

Determination of outcomes

Outcomes are determined, reported or presented in clear BI reports on the basis of scientifically validated formulas.


Stichting KiBG

By making use of the InfinitCare Portal, Stichting KiBG is able to enrich its mirror reports with ROM and CQi data.

  • Continuous improvement is essential for the concrete development of the Basis GGZ. Stichting KiBG draws up mirror reports for holders of kitemarks that help with the recognition of best practices and the identification of areas for improvement.
  • In order to provide greater depth in its reporting, KiBG also includes insights from ROM data in its mirror reports. Holders of the Basis GGZ Kitemark can provide this data through the InfinitCare Portal.
Quality registration healthcare

Privacy and information security

Privacy and information security are of the utmost importance in the care sector, as highly sensitive information is concerned. Privacy and information security are tailor-made components of our solutions, which are always based on conformity with the GDPR.

  • InfinitCare is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.
  • Regular penetration tests are carried out. 
  • We offer the option to anonymise or pseudonymise data.
  • Within our portal, outcome information can be shared smartly and securely between care providers and other stakeholders.