Gemeenteportaal informatiebeveiliging

Social domain outcomes presented in Municipalities Portal

As a municipality, you want the results of the care you have purchased to be clear, without imposing additional administrative costs on care providers. InfinitCare’s Municipalities Portal makes this possible. This gives care providers and municipalities access to clear, focused reports, making it possible to have fruitful discussions on quality.

The reports in the Outcomes Portal are based on the harmonised set of outcome indicators. These are suitable for the Social Support Act and Child and Youth Care. This concerns the following indicators:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Goal achievement (Goal Attainment Scaling)
  • Problem reduction
  • getting ahead without help
  • Drop-outs
Gemeenteportaal informatiebeveiliging

InfinitCare has extensive experience of exchanging care results within the social domain. We are familiar with the challenges facing care providers and municipal authorities.

What are the benefits?

A conversation about quality

Care providers and municipalities have access to the same outcome reports, making a fruitful discussion of quality possible.

Reliable outcomes

All relevant outcomes within the social care sector are clearly determined in accordance with the latest insights and processed in reports.

Reduction of administrative burden

Care providers deliver their outcomes just once, to InfinitCare’s Municipalities Portal, rather than dozens of times to individual municipalities.

Reliable data processing

Data is carefully checked, linked and filtered.

Privacy guaranteed

Municipalities do not receive personal data but reports, meaning that indirect traceability is eliminated.


Municipality of Almere and Social Care Sector Fryslân

The Municipality of Almere and Social Care Sector Fryslân have a clear view of the treatment outcomes produced by care providers in the social care sector.

The Municipality of Almere and Social Care Sector Fryslân wish to offer good, affordable care to their residents. The Municipalities Portal specifies the treatment outcomes, giving insight into the quality of the care provided throughout the region or municipality. This adds depth to progress meetings between contract managers and suppliers, and allows the support provided to residents to be improved.

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Quality registration healthcare

Privacy and information security

Privacy and information security are of the utmost importance in the care sector, as highly sensitive information is concerned. Privacy and information security are tailor-made components of our solutions, which are always based on conformity with the GDPR.

  • InfinitCare is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.
  • Regular penetration tests are carried out.
  • We offer the option to anonymise or pseudonymise data.
  • Within our portal, outcome information can be shared smartly and securely between care providers and other stakeholders.