Want to know the healthcare outcomes in your sector?

Treatment outcomes can teach us a lot about how to improve the quality of treatment. Process and structure indicators are often recorded. Outcomes reported by patients are often not recorded, however, which makes it difficult to set up a quality record. To do this successfully, we must satisfactorily answer the following questions:

  • How to collect data recorded by different care providers, often in several different systems?
  • How to ensure that you have sufficient measurements?
  • How to ensure that the data collected is reliable and corrected?
  • How to obtain the trajectory and patient characteristics, so that homogeneous patient groups can be compared with one another?
  • How to make it as easy as possible for the care providers to supply the data?
  • How to monitor information security and privacy?

InfinitCare can help you set up quality registration for your sector. We have a deep understanding of problems key parties such as healthcare providers, suppliers, industry associations and data platforms face when setting up a good registration system. We have a great deal of experience of this topic, as well as extensive knowledge of the different healthcare sectors.

How does it work?

We ensure that all aspects of your quality record will be perfect.

Data collection

Support for healthcare providers and ICT suppliers in extracting their data.


Client portal: where participants receive support from trained professionals.

Reliable information

Our SAM Healthcare Monitor application automatically reads data, validates content, consistency and completeness and applies different rules to link measurements to trajectories.

High response

Possibility to automatically send your (P)ROM measurements, taking into account the status of the treatment, the optimum measuring process and the measurements available.

Overview of outcomes

Outcomes are determined on the basis of scientifically validated formulas and presented in clear BI reports.

Quality registration healthcare

Privacy & information security

Attention to information security and privacy is crucial: after all, we are dealing with perhaps the most sensitive information there is. Our solutions are designed to guarantee privacy and information security, and always take AVG compliance as their starting point.

  • InfinitCare is ISO 27001 and NEN 7210 certified.
  • Periodical penetration tests are carried out.
  • Possibility for the anonymisation or pseudonymisation of data.
  • Smart, secure sharing of outcome information between care providers and other stakeholders within our portal.