Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS)

GAS – Goal Attainment Scaling

Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) allows specific goals to be evaluated. A scale for the degree of goal achievement is determined at the start of treatment. These GAS scales must be designed in such a way that the level of goal achievement accurately represents treatment effects.

This method is used in a variety of disciplines, such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and social work. Use of this method in Child and Youth Care is increasing greatly as municipalities often request results from Child and Youth Care practitioners.

How can goal achievement be used to improve quality of care?

What if you could always receive up-to-date insight into goal achievement levels by department, health care practitioner, or even by treatment? This is the kind of information you need! InfinitCare’s SAM Healthcare Monitor application provides this up-to-date information and combines this with other relevant data that you enter into the EHR. This enables you to make selections based on, for example, treatment, diagnosis and client characteristics.

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