MATE – Measurements in the Addictions for Triage and Evaluation

In addiction treatment, the reduction or stabilisation of substance abuse or gambling is the first priority, rather than the monitoring of psychological symptoms. This applies to curative care, but in many cases also to chronic addiction treatment. MATE (Measurements in Addictions for Triage and Evaluation*) is the most commonly used assessment instrument for triage, monitoring and evaluation.

In MATE, various domains are assessed. The use of substances or gambling behaviour over the past 30 days is also assessed with the help of the Substances Matrix **). Patients fill out the list by themselves, or with help from a practitioner.

Using MATE to improve care

SAM Healthcare Monitor provides insight into the grand total scores for your patient population.

The results from the Substances Matrix are represented in graphs like the one above which shows what percentage of your population has become abstinent, has improved or has relapsed. You will also find reports that provide insight into the degree of improvement, shown both in days and in units.

Measurement results can be further specified by selecting, for example, diagnosis, case mix variables and treatment characteristics. This provides a clear overview of the treatment effects for each of your patient groups.

Free demo

InfinitCare will be happy to show you a demo of the possibilities so you can obtain a comprehensive understanding of MATE scores or switch to another measuring instrument. Call +31 30-2040219 to contact us directly, or send us an email.

*) Schippers en Broekman, 2014

**) Oudejans en Spits, 2017